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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Prevailing wage repeal betrays Michigan workers

Date Posted: March 16 2001

Editor's note: The most important law on Michigan's books that protects the wages of construction workers is the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1966. And once again, the law is...

Early signs show Bush supporters who their man is listening to

Date Posted: March 2 2001

About 67 percent of Michigan's union voters voted for Al Gore in the Nov. 7 election, a historically high percentage which impressed pundits across the country, and was a model...

Follies and foibles of blue collar workers featured in new book

Date Posted: March 2 2001

When it comes to jokes and funny stories, most of us hear them, have a laugh, maybe pass them along once or twice, and then forget them. Not Daren Peel....

Metamorphosis on course at Ren Cen to make it barrier-free, user-friendly

Date Posted: March 2 2001

It may take an additional $500 million to get it right, but the Renaissance Center is finally becoming the building that everyone hoped it would be when it opened in...

Needed: effort to 'restore the balance of power in Michigan'

Date Posted: March 2 2001

LANSING - Hoping not to lose the smidgen of influence that they have in state government, building trades union reps in Michigan will continue to work behind the scenes with...


Date Posted: March 2 2001

Record reserve for jobless money… Jobless building trades workers in Michigan - and there are a significant number of you out there - will no doubt be delighted to hear...

Time for ABC contractors to 'step up' was 50 years ago

Date Posted: March 2 2001

Tradesman Viewpoint The Saturday Night Live Church Lady from years past may have put it this way: "Some of us only care about workers when it's conveenient!" The Associated Builders...

Bush places steel erection standard on the shelf

Date Posted: February 16 2001

The new federal steel erection standard we mentioned in our last issue, expected to save an estimated 30 lives, prevent 1,142 injuries per year and save $40 million, has been...

Cross the t's, dot the i's before crossing Michigan's Workers Comp panelists

Date Posted: February 16 2001

John Engler's men have done it again. His appointees to the Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission have denied benefits to an injured worker for his lifetime. The ruling will be used...

Fitter crusades against GHB, which killed her daughter

Date Posted: February 16 2001

GHB has been touted as a sleep aid. It is purported to be a safe alternative to steroids for bodybuilders. It is said to improve sexual function. On Jan. 17,...

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