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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Working safely…Don't take your work home with you

Date Posted: June 23 2000

At a time when the health hazards of all kinds of construction industry substances are being called into question - substances like drywall dust, lead, silica, and most recently, sawdust...

A dime at a time, trades help Make-A-Wish

Date Posted: June 9 2000

The Make-A-Wish Foundation will be happy to hear that Hardhats on the National Steel galvanizer project enjoy soft drinks so much. Over the course of the last 11 months, building...

Expo gives prospective Hardhats insight on construction industry

Date Posted: June 9 2000

If the 1,800 young people who visited Cobo Center on May 24 wanted to learn about a career in construction, they went to the right place. The Detroit Construction Careers...


Date Posted: June 9 2000

Correct Zip Code for Vietnam Monument In our last edition, we published an article regarding fundraising for the Michigan Vietnam Monument Commission. The Zip Code we printed was wrong. Here's...

Ready to sign your life away?

Date Posted: June 9 2000

This affidavit is for all individuals who think that taking safety precautions is a waste of time. It was brought to us by the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National...

The Big Normal Majority needs your participation

Date Posted: June 9 2000

Are you one of Michigan's 7.1 million registered voters? If not, why not? Winston Churchill said "the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."...

THE GANGBOX: Building trades odds and ends

Date Posted: June 9 2000

Barton Malow Co. was the 38th largest contractor in the nation last year in terms of revenue - and the largest in Michigan - according to annual rankings released last...

UA Local 174's pride evident as new building is unveiled

Date Posted: June 9 2000

COOPERSVILLE - Plumbers, Pipe Fitters and Service Trades Local 174 is open for business in a beautiful new union hall and training center. On May 19, the local welcomed United...

Don't vouch for vouchers: plan would hurt all students

Date Posted: May 26 2000

By Thomas Boensch Secretary-Treasurer Michigan State Building and Construction Trades Council The future of public and private education in Michigan will soon be at a crossroads. Will we be able...

GENERAL MOTORS letters retired gracefully, thanks to work of MBM, trades

Date Posted: May 26 2000

General Motors has (almost) left their building, but gone are the letters that formed the sign that identified the automaker's headquarters for more than 40 years. On Sunday, April 16,...

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