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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Stiffer employer fines, more money proposed to improve worker safety

Date Posted: May 12 2000

LANSING - More MIOSHA inspectors and stiffer penalties against companies that violate worker safety standards - those are two ever-present objectives of the building trades, and they're actually getting some...

Trades raise money for parishes

Date Posted: May 12 2000

The building trades honored local union officers who have gone on to the International Union on March 30, then used the proceeds from the luncheon to do some good back...

Aaron Mechanical's ex-employee list grows

Date Posted: April 28 2000

Another major player has defected from the team of Hardhats working for Aaron Mechanical, one of the largest nonunion mechanical contractors in the state. Kevin Steiner, Aaron's foreman and the...

Contractor appreciates trades' work at Marathon

Date Posted: April 28 2000

The following letter was sent to Greater Detroit Building Trades Council Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Devlin, regarding work at the Marathon Ashland Alky 2000 Turnaround Project. Building trades representatives went through extensive...

Doors open on new union hall

Date Posted: April 28 2000

ANN ARBOR - IBEW Local 252 and Plumbers and Pipe Fitters 190 are open for business in their new 18,000 square-foot home on Jackson Rd. The hall, co-owned by both...

Motown to become Geektown with new Compuware building

Date Posted: April 28 2000

"Hordes of computer geeks" as Compuware CEO Peter Karmonos put it, will overrun downtown Detroit in June 2002, when Walbridge-Aldinger and the building trades complete the company's $800 million headquarters...


Date Posted: April 28 2000

Painters' Cardwell tapped by International Another Michigan man is going to work for his International Union. B.J. Cardwell, business representative for Painters District Council 22, has been appointed "general organizer"...

Temps threaten trades' pay and safety standards

Date Posted: April 28 2000

Do you want to work around an inexperienced temporary worker who operates heavy machinery or who helps puts up your scaffolding? No? Leaders in the 15 unions of the AFL-CIO...

Workplace inspectors, gun safety on House Dems' agenda

Date Posted: April 28 2000

By Rep. Mike Hanley House Democratic Leader Following are two amendments in the state House that would make Michigan a safer place to work and live… Workplace safety - Those...

1099 abuse, MIOSHA inspectors on agenda for House Democrats

Date Posted: April 14 2000

By State Representative Julie Dennis As you may know, the budgets for the various state departments are starting to work their way through the Michigan Legislature. As the ranking Democrat...

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