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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Lacking votes, GOP is forced to bury 'FAIR' Act

Date Posted: March 3 2000

Nonunion contractors pushed hard for their top legislative priority, a bill in Congress that would give them relief from legal fees resulting from union organizing drives. Despite a Republican majority...

Marlinga announces bid for Supreme Court seat

Date Posted: March 3 2000

In the November general election, Michigan voters will have an opportunity to restore some pro-worker balance to the state Supreme Court. On Feb. 21, Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga threw...


Date Posted: March 3 2000

O'Malley appointed to BAC International Jerry O'Malley was appointed to the Executive Board of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. He was sworn in by International President John...

School inspection rules move closer to passage

Date Posted: March 3 2000

The State of Michigan may yet get a tougher construction inspection standard for schools. In the latest go-round to get a standard in place, State Rep. Deborah Cherry (D-Burton) will...

Trades ready 'hellacious hole' for new Detroit parking deck

Date Posted: March 3 2000

The massive 25-story J.L. Hudson's building in Detroit was brought to the ground in a matter of seconds in October 1998 by the largest urban implosion in our nation's history....

Trauma programs should be moved to prime time

Date Posted: March 3 2000

By Michael C. McReynolds RN/EMT Injury Prevention Educator University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center While there are many injuries and health risks associated with all occupations, the highest risk of...

Flint Engine South Plant's safety record: outstanding

Date Posted: February 18 2000

FLINT - Construction of the new GM Flint Engine South Plant has a remarkable safety record of no lost time over 490,000 hours worked and only two recorded minor injuries...

'If you work union you have a future'

Date Posted: February 18 2000

Young people who might be receptive to wearing steel-toed boots and a hard hat to work converged on Macomb Community College Feb. 8 to learn a little about what building...

It will take some extra effort to vote for president

Date Posted: February 18 2000

Voting in this year's Democratic presidential primary probably won't be as easy as you may think. If you go to your normal polling place on Tuesday, Feb. 22, and you...

Makeup comes off U-M Stadium

Date Posted: February 18 2000

ANN ARBOR - Frank Lloyd Wright once said that "a physician can bury his mistakes. All an architect can do is plant vines." It would have taken a lot of...

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