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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Reconstructed drawbridge set for more ups and downs

Date Posted: July 14 2016

RIVER ROUGE - In 1922, the Jefferson Avenue drawbridge over the Rouge River began a run of 90 years faithful service, raising and lowering its steel leafs to allow the...

News Briefs

Date Posted: July 14 2016

New workplace fines to kick in New and larger Labor Department fines will kick in on Aug. 1 for everything from mine safety fraud to job safety violations. The fines,...

Affordable Care Act brings a variety of benefits and drawbacks to health care

Date Posted: July 1 2016

By Paul O. Catenacci Law firm of Novara Tesija, P.L.L.C This past March marked year six of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Over the course of those six years, we...

AFL-CIO endorses Clinton for president

Date Posted: July 1 2016

WASHINGTON (PAI)—In a predictable decision, the AFL-CIO formally endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president on June 16. The decision was from the union federation’s General Executive Board,...

Early lag in 2016 stunts Michigan construction

Date Posted: July 1 2016

Early lag in 2016 stunts Michigan construction Construction employment in May was up in Michigan compared to a year ago, but the momentum that was starting to build at the...

Prevailing wage benefits play out on the border

Date Posted: July 1 2016

The arguments against repealing statewide prevailing wage laws are many and varied - and now, surprisingly, there's a new one. A newly released study by Frank Manzo, policy director of...

Speaker Ryan's manifesto seeks curbs on new union-friendly rules

Date Posted: July 1 2016

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer WASHINGTON (PAI) - Government agencies during this latter part of the Obama Administration have issued a plethora of worker- and consumer-friendly rules made outside...

Speedier union election rules upheld by appeals court

Date Posted: July 1 2016

A U.S. appeals court on June 11 upheld a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rule which speeds up the union election process. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that...

Trades, Boldt fire up new plant for Wolverine Power

Date Posted: July 1 2016

ELMIRA TWP. - The recently announced closure of 15 coal-fired power plants in Michigan over the next several years isn't the state's only major power plant news. There's new, replacement...

Combination of factors leads to prevailing wage living to see another day

Date Posted: June 15 2016

LANSING - What saved the Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965? Last year at about this time, prospects for keeping the law were dim. The first salvo against prevailing wage...

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