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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

NLRB says employers need lawful reason to employ permanent striker replacements

Date Posted: June 15 2016

WASHINGTON (PAI)—In a legal win for workers and unions, the National Labor Relations Board is sharply curbing employer justification for hiring and using “permanent replacements” for workers forced to strike...

Modern athletic demands prompts remodel at Intramural Sports Building

Date Posted: June 15 2016

ANN ARBOR – Over the past nine decades in the world of intramural sports, activity preferences have evolved. And at the University of Michigan, a building that houses them is...

DTE Energy announces more coal plant closures

Date Posted: June 15 2016

DETROIT - More coal-fired power plants are closing, as DTE Energy announced June 8 that it will retire eight such energy generating units at three sites in Michigan within the...

Energy plan closer, but it goes on hiatus

Date Posted: June 15 2016

LANSING - A plan to reform Michigan's energy regulatory environment for its utilities ran out of gas in the state Senate on June 9, but general agreement for a long-term...

Improving bottom lines for Top 400 U.S. contractors

Date Posted: June 15 2016

The nation's construction industry is doing just fine, thank you, and has finally returned to spending levels not seen since the Great Recession. "The market finally has come all the...

Construction employment sees modest gain over last year

Date Posted: June 15 2016

Construction employment totaled 6.645 million in May, a drop of 15,000 jobs compared to April, the Associated General Contractors reported June 3. And that came after a decline of 5,000...

Plan mergers eyed by pension agency

Date Posted: June 15 2016

The federal agency which steps in to provide pension payments – though greatly reduced – when a company’s traditional defined benefit pension plan goes broke has unveiled a rule to...

Eight building trades leaders split with AFL-CIO over support for green PAC; and 'anti-energy cronies'

Date Posted: June 3 2016

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer In yet another indication of conflict between construction unions and environmentalists, seven building trades union leaders and the head of their department told AFL-CIO...

Union plumbers invade Flint, again

Date Posted: June 3 2016

FLINT - When it comes to making the city's poisoned water safer for drinking or cooking, the focus has, of course, been on the installation of filters on kitchen faucets....

Prevailing wage repeal petition effort is dead in 2016

Date Posted: June 2 2016

LANSING - It's confirmed: the petition drive to repeal the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 is over for 2016. The Detroit Free Press reported May 27 that the Protecting...

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