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Unions: outside political pressure leads to narrow UAW loss in Chattanooga vote

Date Posted: February 28 2014

(By Mark Gruenber, PAI Staff Writer) CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (PAI) – Outside pressure, from Republican politicians and business-backed Radical Right lobbies, led to the United Auto Workers’ narrow loss in the...

'We don't want to taint the water' - Union haters rise as UAW loses VW vote

Date Posted: February 28 2014

Maybe the UAW didn’t try hard enough to win community support in Chattanooga. Maybe the VW workers felt they were being treated well without a union. Maybe pressure from local...

We're No. 50! Anti-tax ideologues put kibosh on new money for road work

Date Posted: February 28 2014

In Michigan, what will come of the mash-up of brutal winter weather, growing public outrage over yawning potholes, desperately needed long-term road repair funding, a $1 billion state budget surplus...

Consumers Energy to shelve Thetford Plant

Date Posted: February 14 2014

Consumers Energy announced Jan. 30 that it has placed an indefinite hold on construction of a proposed 700-megawatt natural gas-fired generating plant in Thetford Twp. near Flint. Instead, the utility...

IBEW Local 131's Buskirk seeks state House seat

Date Posted: February 14 2014

KALAMAZOO – “Let’s stop talking about electing people who support organized labor. Let’s start talking about electing me, because I am organized labor.” So says Dave Buskirk, a 45-year member...

Labor lauds speedier union election rules while GOP, business groups seethe

Date Posted: February 14 2014

WASHINGTON (PAI)—By a 3-2 party line vote on Feb. 4, the National Labor Relations Board proposed rules to change union election procedures, making elections less liable to delay and more...

News Briefs

Date Posted: February 14 2014

Higher contracts in construction U.S. construction contracts saw an average increase of 2.9 percent for all of 2013, a nice leap from the 2.4 percent rise in 2012. Construction did...

Read all about it: Flint Journal Building re-purposed for MSU

Date Posted: February 14 2014

FLINT – Nowadays, with former department stores, warehouses and office buildings being adapted to loft apartments and spaces for small businesses, it shouldn’t be too difficult to envision a new...

Supreme Court to take up RTW appeal for Michigan's public workers

Date Posted: February 14 2014

LANSING – The Michigan Supreme Court on Jan. 30 agreed to hear testimony on whether public employees are covered by a state’s right-to-work law which was adopted in December 2012....

Unemployment benefits extension gets stomped again by Senate GOP

Date Posted: February 14 2014

WASHINGTON – Another effort to revive benefits for long-term unemployed Americans failed in the U.S. Senate on Feb. 6, with a successful Republican-backed filibuster. The third and latest vote to...

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