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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Jobless benefits extension needs loud and clear push

Date Posted: January 31 2014

WASHINGTON – Congress failed to extend unemployment benefits for some 1.4 million jobless workers – including about 45,000 in Michigan late last year and again earlier this month. Democrats in...

Knapp’s Building readies for its next chapter

Date Posted: January 31 2014

LANSING – The renovation, restoration and re-purposing of the downtown Knapp’s Centre Building is nearing completion.   It has been nearly a year since we first visited the former department...

Labor leaders say what Snyder left unsaid in State of the State speech

Date Posted: January 31 2014

LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder’s state of the state speech on Jan. 16 went heavy on “benchmarks,” statistics and self-congratulation about his perception of Michigan’s progress, but it was light...

Mild, not wild optimism seen for 2014 market by construction contractors

Date Posted: January 31 2014

Many U.S. construction firms plan to start hiring again and most contractors predict demand will either grow or remain stable in virtually every market segment this year, according to survey...

News Briefs

Date Posted: January 31 2014

RTW benefits are only ‘anecdotal’ LANSING – Last month, reports Progress Michigan, the state Republican Party mailed a fundraising letter urging supporters to donate and keep the conservative agenda moving...

State's construction fatalities up; injuries way up

Date Posted: January 31 2014

LANSING – Michigan continues to experience a relatively low rate of fatalities in the construction industry, but there was an unwelcome increase in 2013. After a record-low of nine construction...

Union membership rises a bit in Michigan, U.S.

Date Posted: January 31 2014

(By Mark Gruenberg, PAI Staff Writer)  WASHINGTON (PAI)—Union membership in the U.S. rose by 162,000 in 2013, to 14.528 million, the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated, but the union share...

GOP obstruction puts federal jobless benefits extension on life support in Congress

Date Posted: January 17 2014

WASHINGTON (PAI)—With 72,000 more unemployed workers losing their jobless benefits every week, organized labor and its civic, religious and congressional Democratic allies turned to public pressure to push resurrection of...

Nice time for auto show setup

Date Posted: January 17 2014

DETROIT – Last year’s North American International Auto Show attracted the largest public crowd in a decade, 795,416 people. The show also brought in 5,000 journalists from around the world...

No class: a court just gutted workers' right to sue their boss

Date Posted: January 17 2014

(By Craig Becker) Unnoticed except by employment lawyers, the United States Court of Appeals in New Orleans last month issued what might be the most important workers’ rights opinions in...

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