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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Wake up, we’re at war: GOP using fiscal crises as excuse to kill unions

Date Posted: February 25 2011

(By Mark Ayers, President, AFL-CIO Building Trades Dept.) As a military veteran, I have always bemoaned the casual use of war metaphors when it comes to public policy debates. But...

Where the rubber meets the road, texture adds a measure of safety

Date Posted: February 25 2011

Driving on stretches of the 9,720 miles of State-of-Michigan-maintained highway during rain or snow events – which have especially common during this brutal winter – can you feel just a...

2011 construction forecast: Waiting time for industry’s turnaround maybe another year

Date Posted: February 11 2011

A better year in 2011, but that’s not saying much. “This won’t be an easy year for most firms, but it will be better than last year,” said Stephen E....

Good upkeep brings smooth ride for Penobscot’s elevators

Date Posted: February 11 2011

DETROIT – Due to good, timely maintenance and well-built machinery, getting where you need to go vertically in the Penobscot Building – one of the city’s oldest skyscrapers – has...

Lower trend welcome for Michigan’s construction fatality rate

Date Posted: February 11 2011

LANSING – There aren’t too many positive employment trends in Michigan’s construction industry. But there is some very good news in one area. Michigan’s fatality rate in the construction industry...

MSU cyclotron job a forerunner of massive FRIB construction

Date Posted: February 11 2011

EAST LANSING – With all types of delayed infrastructure work needing to be addressed, and with a growing list of new construction projects on its to-do list, Michigan State University...

News Briefs

Date Posted: February 11 2011

New life for Wolverine plant Construction of a 600 megawatt coal-fired power plant by Wolverine Power Cooperative still may not happen – but last week a judge kept hope alive....

Slowly, Michigan sees rise in construction employment

Date Posted: February 11 2011

Michigan is slowly, agonizingly, seeing an increase in month-to-month construction employment. In the latest employment numbers released Jan. 25 by the Associated General Contractors, Michigan’s month-to-month (November to December )...

Another drop for union membership

Date Posted: January 28 2011

(By Mark Gruenberg, PAI Staff Writer) WASHINGTON (PAI) – The nation’s unions had 14.7 million members last year, or represented 11.9% of all U.S. workers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics...

Committee name changed to curb ‘culture of union favoritism.’ And this culture is...where?

Date Posted: January 28 2011

(By Mark Ayers, President, AFL-CIO Building Trades Department) News item: The “House Education and Labor Committee,” given that name in 2006 by the incoming Democratic majority, has been given a...

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