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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Special interest group? History shows unions are good for America

Date Posted: May 30 2008

Editor's note: Passage of the Employee Free Choice Act is seen as the single most important issue for organized labor after the November elections. Passage of the Act is expected...

Toilet legislation for construction sites starts to move

Date Posted: May 30 2008

LANSING - With a little pressure from the building trades, this may be the best chance yet to improve the sanitary conditions on Michigan's construction sites. In past years this...

Union Industries show gone, probably for good

Date Posted: May 30 2008

DETROIT - The three-day Union Industry Show made a return engagement to Cobo Center May 16-18, showcasing services and products by organized labor. It was a bittersweet event: scores of...

Unions good for American wages, too, study reveals

Date Posted: May 30 2008

WASHINGTON - "Economic data have long demonstrated a substantial wage premium for unionized workers" - on the order of 10 to 20 percent - for average U.S. workers, said a...

Young welders get an elbow up during Boilermakers competition

Date Posted: May 30 2008

Anticipated power plant construction, as well as maintenance and expansion of existing boilers around Michigan, is expected to bring about a boom in the need for welders during the next...

'Hire Michigan First' clears some hurdles, but many remain

Date Posted: May 16 2008

LANSING - A series of bills that make up the "Hire Michigan First" initiative cleared the state House Labor and Commerce Committee last month, but the future of the package...

Iron Workers show off new training center

Date Posted: May 16 2008

WIXOM - The new and improved Iron Workers Local 25 Training Center is open for business. A ribbon-cutting on April 25 marked the grand opening of the facility. It was...

McCain's voting record shows worker issues not his priority

Date Posted: May 16 2008

Republican presidential nominee John McCain has been a U.S. senator from Arizona since 1987, after serving as a U.S. House member for four years. His 25 years of service as...

Nationwide IBEW training program seeks new home, finds it at U-M

Date Posted: May 16 2008

ANN ARBOR - Washtenaw County is proving to be a nationwide magnet for building trades training. For the last 19 years, nearly 2,000 instructors for the United Association of Plumbers,...

News Briefs

Date Posted: May 16 2008

Still good news in nonresidential Washington, D.C. - The nation's nonresidential construction market apparently hasn't received the memo that the nation is teetering toward a recession. "Nonresidential construction spending rose...

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