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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Senate hearing shows partisan divide on EFCA

Date Posted: April 13 2007

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer WASHINGTON (PAI) - The stark partisan differences that accompanied House passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) earlier this year followed into a...

Building trades pension funding improves, mostly

Date Posted: March 30 2007

A cycle of relative instability in the nation's multi-employer pension plans - a category which covers all the building trades unions - may be drawing to a close. A report...

Chasing low wages won't fix what ails Michigan

Date Posted: March 30 2007

By Mark Gaffney Michigan AFL-CIO President A Viewpoint Labor union members in Michigan find themselves injected into a debate about how to fix Michigan's economy and make our state more...

Labor Monument to be dedicated April 19

Date Posted: March 30 2007

GRAND RAPIDS - The unveiling of the "Spirit of Solidarity" monument in Ah-Nab- Awen Park near the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum near downtown will take place Thursday, April 19...

Marriott tower adds to Grand Rapids skyline

Date Posted: March 30 2007

GRAND RAPIDS - The city's skyline can already boast the addition of the new 24-story, $120 million J.W. Marriott Hotel - even though it won't be completed until this fall....

News Briefs

Date Posted: March 30 2007

Congress upholds prevailing wage WASHINGTON, D.C. - Every now and then, a vote comes up in our nation's capitol that measures support for the Davis-Bacon Act, which is the single...

Pension watchdog a habitual snoozer

Date Posted: March 30 2007

Report: Labor Dept's. Pension enforcement still lacking WASHINGTON (PAI) - The Department of Labor agency that enforces the law covering workers' pension plans has holes in its enforcement, regularly loses...

Trades handle the air handlers

Date Posted: March 30 2007

ANN ARBOR - A major program to replace chillers at the University of Michigan Hospital is wrapping up, all under the noses of the facility's patients and staff. Since mid-November,...

50 candles for the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council

Date Posted: March 16 2007

LANSING - The Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council marks a milestone this month: 50 years of service to the state unionized construction workforce. The Building Tradesman Newspaper, which came...

Eagle Mine application has ground to a halt

Date Posted: March 16 2007

The state permitting process for a proposed $100 million investment in the Kennecott Eagle Project Mine in Marquette County has come to an abrupt pause. The Michigan Department of Environmental...

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