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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

What's up with the holes in those beams?

Date Posted: December 8 2006

SAGINAW - The familiar wide flange structural steel beam hasn't changed much over the past century. It's the near-perfect combination of simplicity, strength and efficiency in structural building design. So...

Duchess of York leaves good impression on plasterers

Date Posted: November 24 2006

Two Plasterers Local 67 members enjoyed a unique opportunity to welcome a duchess to Detroit. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who was married to Prince Andrew and has two...

'Extraordinary' union vote fuels election results in Michigan

Date Posted: November 24 2006

Union members in political "battleground" states rode the nationwide current toward Democrats in Congress and away from Republicans, a poll conducted on Election Night, Nov. 7 shows. And in Michigan,...

Major fight brewing on free trade pacts

Date Posted: November 24 2006

WASHINGTON (PAI) - The incoming 110th Congress, with a Democratic-run House and a 51-49 Democratic edge in the Senate, will see "a major fight" on trade, three newly elected lawmakers...

News Briefs

Date Posted: November 24 2006

Greetings go out to Iron Workers Local 8 The Building Tradesman sends out a hearty to welcome members of Iron Workers Local 8, who are subscribing to the paper for...

Organized labor helps itself by electing friends

Date Posted: November 24 2006

LANSING - Organized labor in Michigan was a major winner following the Nov. 7 general election. In the past several years, the threat of Gov. Jennifer Granholm's veto pen has...

SVSU readies for bigger Pioneer hall

Date Posted: November 24 2006

SAGINAW - Saginaw Valley State University is sponsoring a $16 million project to make Pioneer Hall bigger, better - and greener. Construction manager Spence Brothers and the building trades are...

Teamsters: Kroger boycott still in place

Date Posted: November 24 2006

(In our last issue, based on a Teamsters press release and our subsequent conversation with a media representative from the union, we reported that the union boycott of Kroger stores...

Voters' message: time to try a little tenderness towards workers

Date Posted: November 24 2006

By Geoffrey D. Garin The economy and the state of working America certainly was not the only issue that drove the outcome of the 2006 elections, but economic issues certainly...

Men: it's time to talk prostate with your doctor

Date Posted: November 10 2006

Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer among American men, especially African-Americans. By age 75, 50 to 75 percent of American men will have cancerous changes...

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