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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

No pallets or forklifts in this new 'warehouse': only lofts

Date Posted: April 1 2005

Urban lofts evoke images of transforming old commercial space into living quarters, complete with exposed structural steel, ductwork, conduit and brick walls. But there are tradeoffs to transforming, say, an...

Trades work to clear the air at Consumers Campbell plant

Date Posted: April 1 2005

Consumers Energy's Campbell Generating Complex is in the process of getting more environmentally friendly. Engineer/constructor Babcock and Wilcox and the building trades are knee-deep in a $350 million project to...

How budget hacks have put the state budget out of whack

Date Posted: March 18 2005

LANSING - The massive gap of revenues vs. income to fund operations of Michigan's government, said Lynn Jondahl, is "incredible - we have a structural deficit in Michigan that will...

News Briefs

Date Posted: March 18 2005

Congress kills minimum wage hike WASHINGTON (PAI) - By a 49-46 vote, the Republican-led Senate on March 7 voted not to raise the federal minimum wage to $7.25 an hour...

Race is on to complete MIS expansion

Date Posted: March 18 2005

BROOKLYN - The largest sports venue in the state is about to get a little larger. The building trades and Elrod Construction are in the process of erecting a new...

Revival plan for state focuses on construction spending

Date Posted: March 18 2005

LANSING - How can Michigan's workers survive and attempt to thrive in an incredibly difficult economic environment? There weren't any easy answers to that question, but speakers at the 47th...

Road money increase around the bend - and a fairer system, too?

Date Posted: March 18 2005

Michigan will be receiving more money to fix roads and bridges, and spending fairness among the states may be on the way to becoming a little more equitable. The House...

Study: PLAs are cost-neutral, but ultimately benefit unions

Date Posted: March 18 2005

LANSING - Are construction industry project labor agreements the "Gift of God or Work of the Devil?" That was how Associate Professor Dr. Dale Belman of the Michigan State University...

Trades, Barton Malow help Whitmore Lake high school go green

Date Posted: March 18 2005

WHITMORE LAKE - One of the foremost applications in Michigan for "building green" is shaping up in the form of this city's new high school. A growing student population in...

Bricklayers, Roofers say bigger unions aren't better

Date Posted: March 4 2005

Two of Michigan's largest general contractors - Barton-Malow and Walbridge- Aldinger - were tapped earlier this month to oversee construction of two of the state's largest construction projects. The jobs...

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