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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

State of the union? 'No relief in sight' for working families

Date Posted: September 17 2004

Is America headed in the wrong direction, as Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards suggests? On Labor Day, AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney joined workers in Davenport, Iowa and the...

The Gangbox - Assorted News and Notes

Date Posted: September 17 2004

Republicans and Democrats hashing out the establishment of an asbestosis trust fund are reportedly only about $5 billion apart on a $140 billion package. That money would be placed in a...

Union employers gain 'a powerful bargaining chip' with OT rules

Date Posted: September 17 2004

On paper, the House voted on Sept. 9 to bar the new overtime rules from going into effect. In reality, the rules have been in effect, as of Aug. 23....

As union membership drops toward 10 percent 'We will not have the strength to come back'

Date Posted: September 3 2004

Mark Gaffney is president of the Michigan AFL-CIO. He spoke to Michigan Building Trades delegates on Aug. 24. “The problem President Bush,” Gaffney said, “is he is the most dangerous...

Bush's new overtime rules amount to a pay takeaway from workers

Date Posted: September 3 2004

On Monday, Aug. 23, the Bush administration took away the right to receive overtime pay from millions of employees in a broad range of occupations, from office workers in financial...

News Briefs

Date Posted: September 3 2004

Gleason, LaSalle to oversee Mighty Mac  LANSING – Two union iron workers, Patrick F. “Shorty” Gleason and Jon “Jack” LaSalle, were appointed to the Mackinac Bridge Authority on Aug. 11...

Trades give time, talent to improve treatment center

Date Posted: September 3 2004

KALAMAZOO – A place to walk and a place to unwind were created for clients at the Jim Gilmore Jr. Treatment Center by Southwest Michigan Building Trades workers. About 100...

Wake up call at MBTC convention

Date Posted: September 3 2004

BAY CITY – More than half a century after unions reached their pinnacle of clout in 1953 – when 35.7 of the U.S. workforce was in the house of organized...

'Your strength is impaired You have fewer people. Lawmakers don't want to listen to you'

Date Posted: September 3 2004

Don Power is a federal mediator who was invited to speak to Michigan building trades delegates on Aug. 24. The year 1980, said Power – the year Ronald Reagan was...

Approval nears for Gun Lake Tribe casino; you can help

Date Posted: August 20 2004

Organized labor is all aboard the planned development of a $225 million casino entertainment project in Wayland Township, south of Grand Rapids. The go-ahead for the project awaits Gov. Granholm’s...

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