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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Congress OKs U.S. campaign finance reform, but ultimate effects unknown

Date Posted: March 29 2002

The U.S. Senate followed the House last week and adopted sweeping campaign finance reforms that will change - but not likely stop - the way money flows to political candidates...

Engler seeks expensive legacy with early-out plan for judges

Date Posted: March 29 2002

As if John Engler hasn't left enough of an imprint on this state after 12 years as Michigan governor. Now, the governor has devised a way to stack the judiciary...


Date Posted: March 29 2002

Slight dip this year in road work spending  As the orange barrels start to come out of storage, Michigan can look forward to a construction season similar to the last...

Rokuski laid groundwork for Local 169 training center, now his name's on the wall

Date Posted: March 29 2002

The person who was the driving force in establishing the Boilermakers Local 169 Training Center now has his name on the building. The "Ed Rokuski Boilermakers Local 169 Training Center"...

Three months later, GOP hasn't cleaned up jobless benefits train wreck

Date Posted: March 29 2002

LANSING - It all seemed like such a simple game plan back in January. Michigan Republicans, who control the entire legislative process in our state capital, had seemed ready to...

Totally wired Wayne State building nears completion

Date Posted: March 29 2002

Wayne State University will soon have a 270,000-square-foot, $64 million remedy to address the shortcomings of the crowded and outdated Shapero Hall. It comes in the form of the building...

Building trades' goal: to restore balance in state government

Date Posted: March 15 2002

LANSING - The debacle over how much of an increase in benefits Michigan's unemployed workers should receive (see related story) was the ideal exclamation point to illustrate how much workers...

Building trades move quickly to iron out Compuware HQ

Date Posted: March 15 2002

Not a bad eight months of work for the building trades and general contractor Walbridge-Aldinger at the Compuware Headquarters building under construction in Detroit. Since last July, more than 8,700...

Bush OKs weaker tariff package for relief of U.S. steel, ore industries

Date Posted: March 15 2002

President Bush earlier this month offered a middle-of-the road solution to aid the ailing U.S. steel industry, imposing tariffs of 8-30 percent on several types of imported steel, as well...

Granholm cautions against sale of Blue Cross

Date Posted: March 15 2002

Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm on March 1 cautioned Michigan legislators that selling or privatizing the financially troubled Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) would violate current state law...

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