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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

No brakes on construction in Michigan

Date Posted: August 10 2018

Busy, busy, busy. Building trades employment in Michigan continues to be very strong, with the latest federal employment numbers further affirming our state's place as a construction hotbed. Michigan's construction...

Redistricting ballot proposal may capsize politics as usual

Date Posted: August 10 2018

LANSING - With conservative lawmakers enjoying majorities in Lansing and in Washington D.C., organized labor has had little chance of moving a pro-worker agenda. Evidence of this is the passage...

Survey points to dynamic industry, nagging concerns about worker shortages

Date Posted: August 10 2018

Optimism about future job opportunities and market growth in 2018 and beyond remains high among union contractors, labor representatives and owner-clients - but at the same time, many remain concerned...

Trump moves union-busters back in the shadows

Date Posted: August 10 2018

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer WASHINGTON (PAI)--The anti-worker GOP Trump Labor Department has let union-busters loose – again. Over thousands of labor protests, including 6,813 letters from workers gathered...

With prevailing wage, Minnesota succeeds where Michigan, neighbors failed

Date Posted: August 10 2018

Editor's note: On June 6, the state Legislature repealed the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act, thus joining neighboring Indiana and Wisconsin in a "club" that no state should want to belong...

Clean team: Post builds space to heighten their food safety

Date Posted: July 27 2018

BATTLE CREEK - In an era of when outbreaks of salmonella and other types of food-borne illnesses somewhere in the U.S. are a common subject on nightly newscasts, Post Consumer...

Contractor profits take a hit as Trump's tariffs kick in

Date Posted: July 27 2018

President Trump's trade wars are creating victims in the construction industry. As tariffs against foreign goods came into effect, construction costs accelerated again in June, the Associated General Contractors reported...

Federal loans seen as saving grace for multiemployer plans

Date Posted: July 27 2018

DETROIT- About 400 union members packed the Teamsters Health and Welfare hall on July 20 as part of a "listening tour" by U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in an...

Good, bad and ugly ideas related to pension reform

Date Posted: July 27 2018

WASHINGTON - A congressional committee is working on reforms to the multi-pronged crises and issues affecting the nation's multiemployer pension plans. A number of those pension plans are not in...

News Briefs

Date Posted: July 27 2018

Labor no fan of Supreme Court pick Organized labor doesn’t like President Trump’s nominee to become the next U.S. Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh. It’s up to the U.S. Senate...

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