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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Union skills expand Wal-Mart

Date Posted: January 18 2002

MARQUETTE - The first major expansion of the first Wal-Mart in the Upper Peninsula is going union - mostly. The vehemently anti-union retailer is in the process of expanding its...

Higher health care costs prescribed for 2002

Date Posted: January 4 2002

By Phillip L. Polakoff, M.D. Take a close look at this year's calendar. That pair of 2s, one each at either end of 2002, could well stand for the double-digit...

Michigan has its own Vietnam Memorial

Date Posted: January 4 2002

Michigan owes a debt of gratitude to its 2,654 residents who were killed in the Vietnam War. Now, a permanent memorial is in place in Lansing to honor their memory....


Date Posted: January 4 2002

AFL-CIO faces deficits, hiring freeze LAS VEGAS (PAI)--Facing estimated combined deficits of $12 million in the next two years, the AFL-CIO is instituting a variety of cost-cutting measures, including a...

Nifty Fifty - Tradesman paper survives industry's ups and downs to reach half-century

Date Posted: January 4 2002

The first issue of The Building Tradesman was dated on Jan. 11, 1952 - historically when the strength of the U.S. labor movement was at its greatest. Publication of the...

Safe2Work wins major endorsements

Date Posted: January 4 2002

By John Hamilton President, Greater Detroit Building Trades Council Professionals from all over Michigan's construction industry gathered during the Dec. 14 meeting of the Great Lakes Construction Alliance to review...

Tradesman to 'promote the general welfare of the construction industry worker'

Date Posted: January 4 2002

Published in the 1952 Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Building Tradesman, this column outlined the newly formed paper's objectives. The establishment of a medium of information and education for...

Trades prep Detroit Statler Hotel for an uncertain future

Date Posted: January 4 2002

Detroit's long-shuttered Statler Hilton Hotel was not the city's largest, tallest, nor the most architecturally interesting building - but for much of the 20th Century, the half-million square-foot behemoth anchored...

A safer site for workers the goal of U-M program

Date Posted: December 21 2001

Editor's note - This article was prepared by the University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center Trauma is a substantial contributor to death and injury on the job. It is one...

Bush's appeal of PLA decision bolsters friendship with ABC

Date Posted: December 21 2001

Early in his administration, President George W. Bush issued an Executive Order prohibiting union labor agreements on federally funded construction projects. On Nov. 7, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan...

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