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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

PLAs drive up costs? Bridge project points out myth vs. reality

Date Posted: April 27 2001

The Wilson Bridge in Maryland has yet to be built - but already it is a symbol of some wrong-headed thinking about union-only project labor agreements (PLAs). The proposed 12-lane,...

Bricklayers provide crash course so courses will be straight in Kosovo

Date Posted: April 13 2001

What can you teach a layman about laying block in a four-hour crash course? "If they can do their work without getting themselves or someone else hurt, I'll consider this...

Carpenters break with AFL-CIO and building trades

Date Posted: April 13 2001

The 350,000-member International Union of Carpenters and Joiners has withdrawn from the AFL-CIO, effective March 29. The move "had been expected since the union's August convention when delegates gave Carpenters...


Date Posted: April 13 2001

Some Republicans like project agreements President Bush may not like union-only project agreements, but his opinion is not shared by all Republicans. The Construction Labor Report said a surprising number...

Once the world's longest bridge, Ambassador now distinguished for its years of stately service

Date Posted: April 13 2001

Notoriety surrounding the Ambassador Bridge was never so great as the day it opened to traffic on Nov. 11, 1929. At 1,850 feet between its main anchorages, the span was...

Paltry GOP support helps sustain prevailing wage

Date Posted: April 13 2001

LANSING - Prevailing wage continues to be one of the Republican Party's favorite whipping boys, but the state law is being saved by a few GOP members who haven't joined...

School's still out on school inspection legislation

Date Posted: April 13 2001

Last summer we published a story under the headline, "school inspection bill finally makes the grade among state lawmakers." Before the year was out, it was expected that the lawmakers...

Want to improve industry's image? Ask the people who wear the hard hats

Date Posted: April 13 2001

Tradesman Viewpoint There's yet another call to improve the construction industry's "image" - and to do that, improving worker pay is moving ever-so-slowly onto the radar screen. Robert Desjardins, incoming...

Asbestos claim date looms; do you know your rights?

Date Posted: March 30 2001

Editor's note: Mr. Clack was invited to speak to the Michigan Building Trades Council Legislative Conference last month about workers' asbestosis legal rights. We asked him to write a column...

Labor Ready hounded by building trades

Date Posted: March 30 2001

The AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department is hot on the trail of Labor Ready - a nationwide temporary employer that puts to work thousands of low-paid, nonunion construction workers...

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