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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Prices rise for construction materials

Date Posted: June 29 2018

Construction employment is up. So are prices of materials. The Associated General Contractors of America reported on June 13 that construction costs accelerated again in May, with steep increases for...

Some fight left in the battle to sustain Michigan's prevailing wage

Date Posted: June 29 2018

LANSING - "The good news," Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council President Steve Claywell noted dryly in an e-mailed update to affiliates on the aftermath of the repeal of the...

Trades' solid work transforms Eastern Michigan's Strong Hall

Date Posted: June 29 2018

YPSILANTI - One of the largest expenditures in recent years at Eastern Michigan University will yield new and revamped existing space for teaching and learning STEM principles. Strong Hall, on...

Utilities push state's coal plants toward extinction

Date Posted: June 29 2018

JACKSON - Consumers Energy announced June 13 it is "seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reshape Michigan’s energy future" with a plan of using zero coal for its energy production by...

Michigan's prevailing wage law is repealed

Date Posted: June 15 2018

LANSING - A petition drive costing more than a million dollars, as well as a conservative judiciary and state Legislature, all converged to impose a devastating blow on Michigan's construction...

Study can't find benefits after repeal of prevailing wage law in Indiana

Date Posted: June 15 2018

(Editor's note: this was published earlier this year in The Building Tradesman. Now that Michigan's Republican lawmakers have followed the lead of their cohorts in Indiana and repealed the state's...

Ford brings new vitality to old hotel - and West Dearborn, too

Date Posted: June 15 2018

DEARBORN - With the former 122-year-old Wagner Hotel as the centerpiece, Ford Motor Co. is transforming a two-city-block area on the west side of the city into a development "that...

Employment rate is great; but wages could use some juice

Date Posted: June 15 2018

The U.S. economy overall seems to be doing quite well. The U.S. construction industry - even better. Still, the nation's tepid growth in wages is acting as an anchor on...

Cut Social Security benefits? Nah, let's expand them

Date Posted: June 15 2018

By Monique Morrissey Economic Policy Institute There’s no real news in the Social Security trustees report released June 5. We’re now a year closer to the date the trust fund...

Trades power Women's Empowerment Center

Date Posted: June 15 2018

DETROIT - Legal and permitting issues and manpower shortages have slowed the renovation of an old home at 1648 Junction Street in Southwest Detroit, but to Ron Pokorny, its transformation...

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