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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Huge Cobo Center remains a vital, but undersized asset

Date Posted: January 5 2001

As we enter our 50th year of publishing, The Building Tradesman takes a look back at historic construction projects that have helped shaped Michigan. This begins a series that will...

Most of Michigan expect good times to continue in 2001

Date Posted: January 5 2001

The economic forecast for Michigan's construction industry calls for continued sunny skies in the Lower Peninsula in 2001, but storm clouds may be starting to form in the U.P. That's...

Record work for now, but 'a bump in the road'could await Motor City'

Date Posted: January 5 2001

Detroit - For the Detroit area's construction forecast, we turn to David B. Hanson, president of the Associated General Contractors, Greater Detroit Chapter. The Walbridge-Aldinger executive vice president spoke at...

Tradesman survives, thrives when others haven't in labor press

Date Posted: January 5 2001

Labor publications have come and gone over the course of the last century, reflecting the ups and downs of an ever-changing economy. This month, The Building Tradesman begins its 50th...

Unions end newspaper boycott

Date Posted: January 5 2001

The bitter Detroit newspaper dispute is over, and newspaper unions have called off the boycott of the Detroit News and Free Press. After five and a half years of battling...

'A' for effort on early S-Curve completion

Date Posted: December 22 2000

GRAND RAPIDS - The state Department of Transportation called the city's S-Curve "by far the largest and most complex civil engineering project ever launched in West Michigan." Due to the...


Date Posted: December 22 2000

Newspaper dispute ends with settlements Detroit's Metropolitan Council of Newspaper Unions announced Monday that contract ratification votes by two Teamsters locals brings to an end the five-and-a-half-year labor dispute. Other...

Sanitation standard moves slowly, but now, not-so-surely

Date Posted: December 22 2000

In April 1999, we wrote, "things are starting to move" in getting a federal sanitation standard implemented that would require employers to provide toilet and hand-washing facilities on virtually every...

Trades, Walbridge help improve togetherness among GM engineers

Date Posted: December 22 2000

With 13 engineering facilities scattered up and down the I-75 corridor, General Motors came to the conclusion a decade ago that that portion of its operations wasn't running on all...

Union movers picket

Date Posted: December 22 2000

OPERATING ENGINEERS Local 324 members picketed Canadian Machinery Movers on Nov. 30 and will continue to confront the company for paying substandard wages and benefits. Companies that don't pay standard...

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