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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

'Strong demand' pushes construction employment higher

Date Posted: March 25 2016

All in all, Michigan can't complain too much about the state of the state's construction industry employment. The rest of the nation can't complain much, either. Citing Labor Department data...

'Working for the betterment of others': Labor continues work in Flint

Date Posted: March 11 2016

FLINT - Union plumbers, both journeymen and apprentices, continue to set the standard for being good community citizens in the wake of the city's lead-in-the-water crisis. By the end of...

Benefit fund set up for family of Kalamazoo murder victims Rich and Tyler Smith

Date Posted: March 11 2016

Among the six people murdered in the shooting spree in Kalamazoo on Feb. 20 were Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 357 member Rich Smith, 53, and his 17-year-old son, Tyler....

Annnd, action... good start for prevailing wage support effort

Date Posted: March 11 2016

Petition gatherers have fanned out across Michigan, trying to collect 252,000 valid signatures in an effort to overturn the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1965. The effort is backed by...

Right to work reform bill proposed

Date Posted: March 11 2016

LANSING - Legislation that would allow unionized employees to vote on right-to-work policies in their workplace was introduced March 1. The bills would change Michigan’s controversial right-to-work laws to allow...

Lofty 'The Griswold' project rises atop parking structure

Date Posted: March 11 2016

DETROIT - Converting old commercial buildings into new residential space isn't happening quickly enough downtown, as the demand for places to live is easily outstripping the supply. New residential space...

Murdering American manufacturing: 'strictly business' By Leo Gerard

Date Posted: March 11 2016

By Leo Gerard President, United Steelworkers In the week before Valentine’s Day, United Technologies expressed its love for its devoted Indiana employees, workers whose labor had kept the corporation profitable,...

Trades counter prevailing wage repeal effort with phone banks, face time

Date Posted: February 26 2016

LANSING - It's widely known that the effort to repeal Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 via a petition drive has been bolstered by organizers like the anti-union Associated Builders...

High road or low road? New prevailing wage study finds repeal lane is filled with pitfalls

Date Posted: February 26 2016

One of the most comprehensive academic studies of the economic, social and project cost impacts related to state prevailing wage laws was released Feb. 9, and the results might cause...

Scalia's death thwarts 'conservative legal attack' on public sector unions

Date Posted: February 26 2016

WASHINGTON D.C. - Just when it looked like the Supreme Court was set to allow right-to-work for virtually all U.S. public sector workers, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia died. The...

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