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The Building Tradesman Newspaper Editions

Save your wages: Time to contact state representatives

Date Posted: May 29 2015

LANSING - With the threat of prevailing wage repeal one step closer to reality with the Michigan Senate's vote on May 14, it's "all hands on deck" for building trades...

Trust us! Trade treaty will be different this time...honest!

Date Posted: May 29 2015

By Leo Gerard President, United Steelworkers  America is in an abusive relationship with trade-obsessed politicians and corporations. Despite their long history of battering the U.S. middle class with bad trade...

Defeat of Proposal 1 moves state to 'Plan B' Prevailing wage repeal may be part of next package

Date Posted: May 15 2015

LANSING - The resounding defeat on May 5 of Proposal 1 tosses the road repair funding question back onto the collective lap of the state Legislature, where it was last...

NLRB to tackle end-to-‘free riders’ case

Date Posted: May 15 2015

By Mark Gruenberg PAI Staff Writer WASHINGTON (PAI)—In a case that could give so-called “right to work” laws and that anti-worker movement a huge kick in the head, the National...

State pipe trades apprentices reach for the top of their trade

Date Posted: May 15 2015

KALAMAZOO - The state's pipe trades apprentices showed their talents, apprenticeship coordinators shared information on instruction, and the United Association took another step forward. So it went April 30-May 1...

Boilermakers high school competition creates 'mutual benefits'

Date Posted: May 15 2015

ALLEN PARK – Now in its 13th year, the Boilermakers Local 169 High School Welding Invitational has earned a permanent spot on the spring calendar, establishing a program of matching...

Construction's jobless rate drops to 9-year low

Date Posted: May 15 2015

U.S. construction firms added 45,000 jobs in April and 280,000 over 12 months, as the sector's unemployment rate fell to a nine-year April low of 7.5 percent, according to an...

News Briefs

Date Posted: May 15 2015

Lots of bipartisan support for D-B Act      WASHINGTON, DC - Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act is in dire straits in Lansing, with state Republican leaders set to take up repeal...

At your service...Consumers Energy facilities rise around state

Date Posted: May 1 2015

CLARE - Consumers Energy is one of the state's steadiest employers of building trades workers, primarily hiring them to perform maintenance and upgrades at their power plants such as the...

Building trades' McGarvey urges outreach plan for construction unions 'It simply makes no sense to put all of our eggs in one political basket'

Date Posted: May 1 2015

WASHINGTON D.C. - Building trades membership and market share are up, the business community is again starting to recognize the value provided by construction union labor, work opportunities are improving,...

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